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Lights Camera Action

What is entertainment?
For many, it means amusement, enjoyment, leisure, refreshment etc. For me, it’s observing, learning, getting your psychology modified/changed in fascinating manner when you are trying to relax. Various entertainment resources such as Internet, television, movies, music, theatres, sports not only satisfy recreational needs, but also have a great influence on the life and thinking of an individual. The best and the worst thing Continue reading “Lights Camera Action”

It’s not the knowledge, education, money or fate…it’s the speculations.

Country of Clerks

“Kya kar raha hai aapka Beta?”
“Ji,B.Tech final year hai iss baar.”
“Usske baad?”
“Dekhiye, mehnat toh kar raha hai, placement ho jaata hai toh thik hai.”
“Ek baat maaniye Mishra Ji”
“Ji, boliye!”
“Ussko B.Ed kara dijiye! Continue reading “Country of Clerks”

That malady of I above everything, everyone, every system.

The most trending news from last three days made me create this post. The news debates, comments mentioned on social media, news reports, hashtags are creating mass spectism which they have been doing from last few years. Before getting started, Continue reading “That malady of I above everything, everyone, every system.”

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